About Montgomery Community Media

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MyMCMedia.org is the epitome of today’s transformation of access TV, combining content, information and engagement into an easy to use, mobile platform.

Montgomery Community Media (MCM) is the only independent, nonprofit organization providing access to public media (public access television and broadband media) directly to Montgomery County’s over one million residents as well as the resident non-profit organizations, associations and businesses.

Our Mission

  • To serve as a portal for access users, local bloggers and other content contributors as well as presenting TV channel schedules, On Demand video, Live streaming of special events, and general information about MCM.
  • To be a valued, trusted, “go to” source for news, information and programming relevant to Montgomery County.
  • To leverage the highly relevant content on this website, MyMCMedia social sites, and our TV channels to increase our “reach” into the community and introduce more Montgomery County residents to MCM.
  • To encourage our audience to engage with their community media center on a daily basis by taking classes, attending MCM events, and becoming content creators for all MCM platforms.

Montgomery Community Media is an equal opportunity employer and we pledge to meet the minority, female and disabled procurement goals that apply to County government.

At Montgomery Community Media we engage, educate and empower individuals and the community to express diverse viewpoints.


What’s the difference between Montgomery Community Television (MCT) and Montgomery Community Media?

Montgomery Community Television is the nonprofit organization that runs the service, Montgomery Community Media. The two could be used interchangeably but when we refer to our public access services or the public access channels we use Montgomery Community Media. When referring to any business or legal aspects, we use Montgomery Community Television.

Must I be a Montgomery County resident to get involved?

No, but there are some limitations. You must be a Montgomery County resident to serve or be certified as a producer or a person who submits or presents programming on MCM. Non-residents can also serve or be certified as a producer or submit or present programming on MCM if you represent a Montgomery County business or organization. Non-residents can be certified as technical volunteers which allows you to work on any programs produced at Montgomery Community Media.

Where can I watch MCM programming?

MCM programming can be seen on channels 19 and 21 on RCN, Verizon and Comcast cable systems in Montgomery County. Verizon’s cable system extends our reach into portions of Prince Georges County. MCM also offers live streaming for Channel 21 and Channel 19 and on-demand viewing on this website.

Is public access the same as public television?

No. Public access is available to anyone from our community, is mostly local programming and we will accept almost all programming so long as it is noncommercial, legal content and does not solicit. Public television on the other hand is very selective about the programs that are broadcast most of which comes from the PBS network.