Our Impact

Our Role + Impact

The Education and Community Engagement (ECE) department of Montgomery Community Media (MCM) provides a platform for individuals and groups within Montgomery County to amplify their voices, express their opinions, share information, and tell their stories. We strive to include diverse voices that represents a broader range of perspective which may not be represented in mainstream media. Through our educational content, workshops, and discussions, we hope to enhance the knowledge base of community members in all areas of media production and innovative technology. We hope that through our efforts, we have an impact on our community that will, through shared stories and experiences, contribute to a sense of belonging and community cohesion that will ultimately mobilize community support for positive change.

What We Do

  1. Local Empowerment:
    • Amplifying Voices: Provide a platform for the community tell their stories
  2. Build Social Capital:
    • Connecting Residents: Helps residents connect with each other, fostering social networks and relationships that can be crucial for community well-being.
  3. Education and Awareness:
    • Promoting Learning: Provide educational content, workshops, and discussions, enhancing the knowledge base of community members.
  4. Cultural Preservation:
    • Celebrating Diversity: Highlight and celebrate the cultural diversity within a community that helps to preserve and promote local traditions and heritage.
  5. Media Literacy:
    • Skill Development: Contribute to the development of media literacy skills among community members, enabling them to critically engage with various forms of media.
  6. Economic Impact:
    • Local Economy: Contribute to the local economy by promoting local businesses, events, and initiatives, fostering economic growth within the community.

Who We Serve

Montgomery Community Media (MCM) is the only independent, nonprofit organization providing access to public media directly to Montgomery County’s over one million residents.

Our Impact

The ECE department is dedicated to creating unique media content that amplifies the community voices of those who live and work in Montgomery County.

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